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For each project, there is a financing option: buy a new car, work plan or simply anticipate a hard blow? COFGROUP INTER helps you to carry out your projects thanks to an offer adapted to your needs.

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    -How does it work?

    Upon receipt of your complete file, COFGROUP INTER can provide you with a reply within 24 hours by SMS in the case of acceptance, and by email in the case of refusal. COFGROUP INTER is authorised as a credit institution – Investment Services Provider by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR, approval number: 16489).

    -Interest rates

    We provide you with loans on very flexible terms. Our interest rates vary depending on the amount requested and the payment period. Our rates are relatively low and range from 2% to 8.90%. Choosing the Personal Loan means benefiting from a fixed interest rate. Between 2% and 8.90%, it does not change throughout the term of your loan. You choose the amount and duration that best suits your situation. Thanks to the Personal Loan, you can borrow an amount from 3000€ to 5.000.000€ over a period of 12 to 240 months.

    -A case example

    Example of a personal loan for a total amount of €5,000 repayable in 48 monthly instalments of €112.74 (excluding optional insurance). Fixed Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) of 5.01% (excluding optional insurance). Fixed borrowing rate of 3.93%. Fees of 95€. Total cost of the loan: €506.52 (including service charges). Total amount due by the borrower: €5,411.52. The monthly cost of the Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Work Interruption due to Accident or Sickness and Job Loss insurance is €6.25, i.e. an Annual Percentage Rate of Insurance (APR) of 4.68%, and is added to the monthly loan repayment instalments. Offer valid from 12-12-2016.