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We make loans faster, easier and cheaper. And the savings are more useful and more rewarding. This is far from desirable, but we have the ambition and the best conditions to achieve this goal.

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    -How does it work.

    Upon receipt of your complete documentation, COFGROUP INTER can reply to you within 24 hours by SMS if your application has been accepted and by email if it has been rejected. COFGROUP INTER is authorized as a credit institution – investment services provider by the Autorité d’Audit et de Résolution des Conflits (ACPR, authorization number: 16489).

    -Interest rates

    We offer loans with very flexible terms. Our interest rates vary depending on the amount requested and the payment term. Our interest rates are relatively low and range from 2% to 8.90%. Opting for a personal loan implies a fixed interest rate. Between 2% and 8.90%, it remains unchanged throughout the term of your loan. You choose the amount and term that best fit your situation. With a personal loan you can borrow an amount from € 3,000 to € 5,000,000 for a term of 12 to 240 months.

    -Example Case<br />

    Example of a personal loan for a total amount of € 5,000, repayable in 48 monthly installments of € 112.74 (excluding voluntary insurances). Fixed annual percentage rate of 5.01% (excluding voluntary insurances). Fixed loan interest rate of 3.93%. Costs in the amount of 95 €. Total cost of the loan: 506.52 EUR (including service fee). Total amount owed by the borrower: 5 411.52 EUR. The monthly cost of insurance for death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, interruption of work due to accident or illness and loss of employment is 6.25 EUR, which corresponds to an APR of 4.68%, added to the monthly loan installments. The offer is valid as of 12-12-2016.

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